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                  Meet Our Team

                       We're more than just a t-shirt company....

We are a company of dreamers — of thinkers, movers, shakers, and believers. We understand that we’re not just printing t-shirts, we’re helping people brand their business and make memories. To you, these are more than just pieces of fabric. They’re bringing awareness to your business, showing team spirit and keepsakes that will remain with you for years. And we’re incredibly proud to know that, with every garment we print and every order we fill, we’re sharing with you a piece of ourselves.

When we decided to form Fineline Printing in 2016,  we didn’t do so as a outsource screenprinter of other businesses.  In fact, we had no intent of becoming who we are today. From the smallest of beginnings, our three founders started Fineline Printing with purpose of supporting Our sister brand.  Learning the process from the ground up and obsessing over every detail along the way.

We're constantly improving because we treat our workspace not just as a place to do business, but as a place to learn.  We're always working on realizing new ways to deliver an even higher quality product with bring new decorating ideas to our customers.   From extraordinary print detail and exceptional customer service,  to something as simple as delivering on the day we promise, we make sure you receive exactly what you want - when you want it.  We have worked extremely hard, learned millions of lessons, and have invested incalculable amounts of time and energy into perfecting our craft to bring you a high quality product with a delivery date you can count on consistently.

We have a deep appreciation for our incredible customers, our talented team, and the new heights we'll reach together.  Thank you so much for all the love and continued support!

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